Your personal data is everywhere: What can you do about it? | Guest Mark Kapczynski

Today on the Cyber Work Podcast, Mark Kapczynski of OneRep reminds us of an awful truth most people either don’t know or don’t like to think about. Your personal information — your address, your phone number, your age — all of these things are on the public internet! Mark talks about OneRep’s mission to scrub personal information from these sites, suggests changes that could help prevent this problem, and shares ways you could base a career in this fight for data privacy and autonomy. All that and a detour into grade-school home computer shenanigans on today’s episode.

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0:00 – Free cybersecurity training resources
0:56 – Overview of today’s episode
1:50 – Who is Mark Kapczynski?
2:44 – Data breaches are a way of life
3:36 – Getting started in IT and cybersecurity
5:41 – Helping the film industry go digital
7:31 – Transitioning industries from paper to digital
9:53 – What types of personal data are on the internet?
12:40 – How people search sites sell PII and make money
14:50 – How to get personal information removed from sites
18:07 – What type of services does OneRep offer?
19:19 – How is public personal data used in cybercrime?
23:01 – How can consumers limit personal data exposure?
26:38 – Regulatory changes needed to protect personal data
29:00 – Who owns your personal data?
30:55 – Web 3.0, smart contracts and other tech needed
33:58 – Jobs and careers related to data privacy
36:38 – Every professional needs to understand data
39:50 – What makes a data professional’s resume stand out?
41:50 – What is OneRep?
44:30 – Outro

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