Working in DevOps | Cyber Work Podcast

Steve Pereira of Visible Value Stream Consulting discusses DevOps, SecOps, DevSecOps and his own lifelong love of streamlining projects. You’ll hear how his dad’s job with Bell Telephone facilitated his early explorations, the intersections of DevOps and Agile, the ever-important security component of it all and why following your interests and not the big money payouts might not work in the short run, but ultimately will get you where you want to go in the end.

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0:00 – Intro
2:35 – Cybersecurity origin story
6:02 – Build and release engineering
9:27 – Tech and business
11:20 – DevOps projects
12:10 – Automating yourself out of your job
13:44 – What is DevOps?
23:45 – Method for DevOps success
31:47 – Development team vs security team
36:03 – DevOps history and Agile
44:50 – How do I work in DevOps?
52:09 – Visible Value Stream Consulting
54:42 – Outro

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