Working at The Analyst Syndicate, AI ethics and sneaking into DARPA | Cyber Work Podcast

Diana Kelley of The Analyst Syndicate is on the podcast to chat about her 25-year-long career in security. She touches on artificial intelligence and machine learning ethics, sneaking into DARPA in the ’70s and much more.

0:00 – Intro
3:14 – Getting into cybersecurity
11:51 – Cybersecurity changes in the past 25 years
15:34 – Choosing exciting cybersecurity projects
19:49 – What is The Analyst Syndicate?
23:00 – Editorial process at The Analyst Syndicate
26:26 – Changes in security from the pandemic
32:22 – Combating fatigue at home
34:35 – Digital transformation
39:25 – Bringing more women into cybersecurity
43:08 – Tips for hiring managers
46:16 – Using AI and ML ethically
51:50 – Tips to get into cybersecurity
55:15 – Kelley’s next projects
56:18 – Learn more about Kelley
57:08 – Outro

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Diana Kelley’s security career spans over 30 years. She is co-founder and CTO of SecurityCurve and donates much of her time to volunteer work in the cybersecurity community, including serving on the ACM Ethics & Plagiarism Committee, as CTO and board member at Sightline Security, board member and Inclusion Working Group champion at WiCyS, cybersecurity committee advisor at CompTIA, Advisory Council, Bartlett College of Science and Mathematics, Bridgewater State University and RSAC US Program Committee. Kelley produces the #MyCyberWhy series and is the host of BrightTALK’s The (Security) Balancing Act and co-host of the Your Everyday Cyber podcast. She is also a principal consulting analyst at TechVision Research and a member of The Analyst Syndicate. She was the Cybersecurity Field CTO for Microsoft, global executive security advisor at IBM Security, GM at Symantec, VP at Burton Group (now Gartner) and a manager at KPMG. She is a popular keynote speaker, the co-author of the books "Practical Cybersecurity Architecture" and "Cryptographic Libraries for Developers," has been a lecturer at Boston College’s Masters program in cybersecurity, the EWF 2020 Executive of the Year and one of Cybersecurity Ventures 100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.

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