Working as a digital forensics analyst | Cybersecurity Career Series

Digital forensics analysts collect, analyze and interpret digital evidence to reconstruct potential criminal events and/or aid in preventing unauthorized actions from threat actors. They help recover data like documents, photos and emails from computer or mobile device hard drives and other data storage devices, such as zip folders and flash drives, that have been deleted, damaged or otherwise manipulated. Digital forensic analysts carefully follow chain of custody rules for digital evidence and provide evidence in acceptable formats for legal proceedings.

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0:00 – Intro
0:26 – What is a digital forensics analyst?
0:57 – Digital forensics specialties
1:24 – How to become a digital forensics analyst
2:17 – Skills needed to be a digital forensics analyst
3:34 – Common tools for a digital forensics analyst
4:42 – Using digital forensics tools
5:17 – Digital forensics analyst jobs
6:30 – Moving from digital forensics to new roles
7:17 – Get started in digital forensics
8:18 – Outro

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