Working as a cybersecurity researcher and industry analyst | Cyber Work Podcast

French Caldwell of The Analyst Syndicate talks about his role as founder and chief researcher of the group. We also talk about Caldwell’s time at Gartner research, and his passion for cybersecurity research as a whole.

00:00 – Intro
03:43 – Caldwell’s background in cybersecurity
07:25 – Knowledge management
09:55 – Protecting digital trash
12:33 – Risk assessment and day-to-day work life
18:00 – How has research changed since 1999?
22:48 – Founding The Analyst Syndicate
26:45 – What is your day like at the Syndicate?
28:11 – What is your research like now?
29:33 – Disruptive technology and public policy
31:09 – Disruptive trends
34:30 – Advice to students in disruptive technologies
38:58 – Tell us about your simulator
46:22 – Cyberterrorism and risk to municipalities and hospitals
50:18 – Learn more about Caldwell and the Syndicate
51:54 – Outro

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French Caldwell is the leading strategist and thought leader in RegTech, including GRC and ESG, cybersecurity, social and digital risks and regulation and the impact of disruptive technologies on policy and strategy. He is a former Gartner Fellow, and following Gartner he became the global head of marketing at a Silicon Valley firm that delivers regtech solutions for governance, risk and compliance analytics and reporting. Skilled at the alignment of strategy, communications, technology, processes, analysis, policy and people to improve business and mission outcomes. Experienced at advising senior executives and corporate directors on disruptive technology, strategic risk management, cybersecurity and public policy issues.

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