Why we need to rethink the human factor | Cyber Work Podcast

Back in October, Cyber Work featured Bruce Hallas, author, speaker and host of the “Rethinking the Human Factor” podcast, to talk about his security awareness journey and strategies. In today’s episode, taken from the Infosec Inspire virtual conference, Bruce joins host Kristin Zurovich to talk about the ways that companies can move their security awareness strategies from a “have to” mindset, as in “I have to remember to do this because IT will yell at me if I don’t” to a “want to” mindset, in which security becomes not just a check-mark on a to-do list, but something that everyone in your company takes personal ownership of after the security training modules have been finished.

For twelve days in November, Cyber Work will be releasing a new episode every single day. In these dozen episodes, we’ll discuss career strategies, hiring best practices, team development, security awareness essentials, the importance of storytelling in cybersecurity, and answer some questions from real cybersecurity professionals and newcomers.

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