What’s on the new OWASP Top 10? | Cyber Work Podcast

OWASP opened up the data set when updating its list of critical vulnerabilities. The result is an updated OWASP Top 10 list that focuses more on the root causes of cybersecurity issues. Infosec Skills author John Wagnon breaks down how the list changed and what it means for your organization.

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0:00 – How did the OWASP Top 10 list change?
1:06 – OWASP’s 2021 data set
1:46 – New OWASP list focuses on root causes
3:15 – #2 cryptographic failures: OWASP Top 10
3:56 – #3 Injection: OWASP Top 10
4:18 – #1 Broke access control: OWASP Top 10
5:23 – OWASP ordered by criticality
6:05 – OWASP Top 10 might not match your top 10
7:04 – Free cybersecurity training resources

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