What’s it like to work in emergency response? | Guest Christopher Tarantino

Learn all about emergency response — and the myriad techniques and skills that term implies — in today’s episode featuring Christopher Tarantino, CEO of Epicenter Innovation. Is there a physical security component? Yes! Is there a cybersecurity component? Big time! Is there an educational element? Absolutely! Find out how disaster planning, preparation, remediation and post-event rebuilding and improvement are all opportunities to strengthen your security posture.

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0:00 – Free cybersecurity training resources
0:56 – Overview of today’s episode
1:47 – Who is Christopher Tarantino?
3:25 – What does an emergency response team do?
4:38 – Resilience in emergency response
7:45 – Importance of boring innovation
9:30 – Higher ed emergency response example
13:13 – Healthcare, higher ed and government resilience
16:00 – Years-long education around disasters
21:03 – Biggest cybersecurity blind spots
25:00 – Skills required for emergency response careers
30:00 – Importance of communication across community
35:50 – Transitioning careers from cybersecurity to emergency response
44:10 – Learn more about Epicenter Innovation
44:35 – Outro

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