What does an ICS security practitioner do? | Cybersecurity Career Series

Industrial control system (ICS) security practitioners are responsible for securing mission-critical SCADA and ICS information systems. They are responsible for restricting digital and physical access to ICS devices, such as PLCs and RTUs, to maximize system uptime and availability. Extensive knowledge of OT and IT protocols, incident response, Linux and Windows OS, configuration management, air-gapped or closed networks, insider threats and physical security controls are important competencies for any ICS security practitioner.

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0:00 – ICS security practitioners
0:25 – What is an industrial control system practitioner?
2:22 – How to become an ICS practitioner
4:00 – Education required for an ICS practitioner
5:00 – Soft skills ICS practitioners need
6:05 – Common tools ICS practitioners use
7:59 – Where do ICS practitioners work?
10:05 – Can I move to another role after ICS practitioner?
12:18 – Getting started as an ICS practitioner

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