What does a digital forensic investigator do in the government? | Cyber Work Podcast

Digital forensics professional Ondrej Krehel talks about the work of digital forensics in federal and government locations, the things he learned during a months-long attempt at decrypting a well-secured Swiss bank file and why finishing the research beats any degree you could ever have.

0:00 – Intro
2:11 – Ondrej’s cybersecurity journal
5:33 – Career stepping stones
9:55 – The Swiss job
16:02 – Chasing the learning and experience
20:01 – Digital forensics on a government and federal scale
28:07 – Forensics collaboration on a case
30:46 – Favorite work stories
31:33 – How to improve infrastructure security
36:01 – Skills needed to enter digital forensics in government
41:31 – Unheard activities of digital forensics
43:48 – Where do I get work experience?
47:05 – Tips for digital forensic job hunters
52:19 – Work with LIFARS
57:50 – Outro

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Ondrej Krehel is a Digital forensics and cybersecurity professional. His background includes time with special cyber operations, cyber warfare and offensive missions and a court expert witness. His Forensic Investigation matters have received attention from Forbes, CNN, NBC, BBC, ABC, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

As you can see, Ondrej has a deep background in digital forensics and ethical hacking. He tells us about time spent as a guest lecturer at the FBI Training Academy, the current state of digital forensics in a federal and government context and gives us some info about how that realm differs from similar work done in for-profit or private companies.

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