Vulnerability hunting and ecommerce safety | Cyber Work Podcast

Let’s talk about the practice of finding vulnerabilities! For Ted Harrington, Executive Partner of ISE, it’s much more than a job, it’s a life mission. Ted joins the Cyber Work Podcast to discuss being part of the first team to hack the iPhone, as well as thinking like a hacker to avoid being hacked yourself. He also gives advice for people who would rather sell their wares online this holiday season than spend all day thinking about security. The world has been moving in the direction of holiday shopping online for quite some time now, but with things being what they are in 2020, that trend is likely to grow exponentially upward as stores become either closed to the public or only open to a few people at a time for safety. Either way, that means a lot of online transactions, and a lot of juicy targets for cybercriminals.

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Ted Harrington, Executive Partner at ISE is finding new ways to protect digital assets. He’s helped companies like Disney, Amazon, Google, Netflix and Adobe fix tens of thousands of security vulnerabilities. His team at ISE is composed of ethical hackers known for being the first to hack the iPhone, where he applies his think-like-a-hacker mentality to constantly adapt to fresh security and software development challenges.

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