US Cyber Games Season II: Behind the scenes with the head coach | Guest Ken Jenkins

Returning guest Ken Jenkins stops by to talk about his work as the head coach of the US Cyber Games. If you’re intrigued by this emerging e-sport, you will want to keep it here: Jenkins discusses the selection process for the athletes, the roles of the coaches and mentors, and the intense, real-time collaboration going on during the competitions.

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0:00 – US Cyber Games
3:38 – How does the security scorecard work
9:06 – Ken Jenkin’s typical workday
12:20 – Head coach at the US Cyber Games
18:20 – How do Cyber Games teams work?
20:50 – Cyber Games events
21:28 – Cyber Games draft
26:30 – Challenges for Cyber Games teams
30:00 – The makeup of a Cyber Games team
32:46 – Cyber Games participation explained
38:35 – Cyber Games red teaming
41:13 – How to get into the Cyber Games
44:31 – How Cyber Games translate to real-world skills
48:27 – Tackling a new cybersecurity challenge
51:12 – Follow the US Cyber Games
55:05 – Outro

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