Two types of malware analysts: Which one is for you? | Cyber Work Podcast

There are two main types of malware analysts, and each one has different roles and responsibilities, says Cyren CTO Dr. Richard Ford in this clip from the Cyber Work Podcast. Listen to the clip to find out which type of analyst is the best fit for you — and how to break into the field.

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Dr. Richard Ford is the Chief Technology Officer of Cyren. He has over 25 years’ experience in computer security, working with both offensive and defensive technology solutions. During his career, Ford has held positions with Forcepoint, Virus Bulletin, IBM Research, Command Software Systems and NTT Verio. Dr. Ford has also worked in academia, having held an endowed chair in Computer Security, and worked as Head of the Computer Sciences and Cybersecurity Department at the Florida Institute of Technology. Ford holds a bachelor’s, master’s and D.Phil. in Physics from the University of Oxford. In addition to his work, he is an accomplished jazz flutist and instrument rated private pilot.

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