Elite Threat Intelligence That Disrupts Adversaries

Industry analysts have characterized threat intelligence as evidence-based, actionable assessments about existing or emerging threats.

At Recorded Future, we’ve taken this notion to the next level. Elite threat intelligence is not only evidence-based and actionable — it moves at the speed and scale of the internet, enabling quick and confident decision-making. It empowers analysts to detect threats, mitigate risks, and secure organizations with unprecedented speed and scalability.

Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource

Today, the biggest challenge plaguing threat intelligence analysts is lack of time. Whether you’re investigating threats in your technology stack or hunting for emerging attack methods on the dark web, you’re probably spending too much time manually collecting, categorizing, and analyzing disparate data points into actionable intelligence.

With the majority of your time being spent on manual analysis, there’s not much room for the high-impact research, investigation, and reporting necessary to disrupt adversaries. This lack of time has a downstream effect for the entire security organization, leading to incomplete analysis, stale reporting, and missed threats.

Stay Ahead of Threat Actors

To successfully reduce risk, you need to move at least as fast (but ideally faster) than threat actors — and today’s attackers are especially wiley. They evolve their methods at unprecedented speed. Manually derived threat intelligence doesn’t cut it, because it often becomes stale as soon as it’s published. This also leads to fatigue. Most analysts are so bogged down, that they are physically unable to manually investigate each suspicious indicator they come across. This leaves organizations at risk and, in some cases, unaware of critical and emerging threats.

By collecting data and information from an unrivaled breadth and variety of sources, Recorded Future eliminates manual research and surfaces intelligence in real time — providing organizations with a dynamic and comprehensive view of their threat landscape. Without manual tasks weighing them down, analysts are empowered to focus on the high-value tasks for which they are trained: advanced threat research, detection, and validation.

Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence Module

Recorded Future’s Security Intelligence Platform automatically collects and analyzes data from an unrivaled range of sources in all languages. The Threat Intelligence Module provides analysts with a comprehensive view of their threat landscape through high-speed, automated analysis, expert insights from Recorded Future’s research group, and advanced search capabilities. Armed with elite threat intelligence, analysts are empowered to:

  • Conduct Advanced Threat Research and Reporting: Advanced search capabilities, real-time alerting, and data visualization capabilities surface the most relevant intelligence to support impactful research and report-writing.
  • Proactively Detect and Validate Threats: Recorded Future Intelligence CardsTM centralize all known information about a threat actor or indicator in a single place — making it easy for analysts to respond to incidents quickly and confidently. On top of that, tools like finished reporting and threat hunting packages with YARA and SNORT scripts empower analysts to find and remedy threats in their environment.
  • Monitor Threats to Your Tech Stack: Identify new exploits in real time — approximately 11 days before they’re catalogued in the NVD.
  • Investigate the Dark Web: Recorded Future instantly collects and processes intelligence from dark web sources, including hacker, criminal, and extremist forums. Our world-class research group is able to analyze these sources despite many of them being invitation-only sources.

Defending against new and emerging attacks requires timely, relevant insights updated in real time. That’s why we combine powerful analytics with human expertise to produce superior security intelligence that disrupts adversaries at scale.

See Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence Module in action right now — watch the short, on-demand webinar, “Disrupt Adversaries with Threat Intelligence.”

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