The changing roles of red teaming | Guest Matt Lorentzen

Cyberis’ Matt Lorentzen talks all things pentesting, red teaming, the changing roles that red teaming has in fine-tuning and interrogating modern security and why you don’t have to stop doing the fun stuff even when you’re climbing the career ladder.

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0:00 – Intelligent pentesting, red teaming and modern security
2:30 – Matt Lorentzen’s interest in cybersecurity
3:51 – What is a security consultant
8:02 – Pentesting and red team operations
10:30 – Continued learning in cybersecurity
15:54 – Read teaming and testing cyberattacks
21:40 – Intelligence-driven red teaming
23:40 – Surprising attack vectors
26:53 – Common gaps in cybersecurity
28:46 – School systems and cybersecurity
32:33 – Adjustments to cybersecurity for school systems
36:14 – How to get into pentesting and red teaming
44:28 – Cybersecurity threats in the next decade
46:43 – What is Cyberis?
48:02 – Learn more about Matt Lorentzen
48:38 – Outro

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