Supply-chain security and servant leadership | Cyber Work Podcast

In this episode we explore supply-chain security with Manish Gupta. We’re going to learn about risks and cyberattacks related to the continuous integration/continuous deployment or CI/CD pipeline, which, given high-profile attacks like SolarWinds, will give us plenty to discuss this week!

0:00 – Intro
2:21 – Manish’s origin story
4:58 – Major career stepping stones
8:45 – Lessons when ahead of the curve
11:21 – Average day as a servant leader CEO
14:54 – Concerns with supply chain security
21:22 – Federal supply chain action
26:20 – What supply chain policy should focus on
28:40 – Skills needed for supply chain jobs
32:48 – What should be on my resume?
34:03 – Showing supply chain aptitude
36:04 – Future projects
38:29 – Outro

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Manish Gupta is the founder and CEO of ShiftLeft, an innovator in automated application security and the leader in application security for developers. He previously served as the chief product and strategy officer at FireEye, where he helped grow the company from approximately $70 million to more than $700 million in revenue, growing the product portfolio from two to more than 20 products. Before that he was vice president of product management for Cisco’s $2 billion security portfolio. He also served as a vice president/general manager at McAfee and iPolicy networks.

Manish has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, MS in engineering from the University of Maryland and a BS in engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering.

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