The Ultimate Kit for Every Step in Your Security Intelligence Journey

Your adversaries are smart — but elite security intelligence from Recorded Future empowers you to disrupt them and defend your organization with real-time insights.

Unlock your access to The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit for free today. Loaded with expert research, insider content, interactive tools, and more, it’s your one-stop resource for exploring the countless benefits of launching, transforming, and maturing your security program.

Chart Your Course With the Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit

Access your kit for free to tap into more than 20 unprecedented resources, including:

  • [E-Book] 4 Ways to Supercharge Your Security With Intelligence
  • [Webinar] Adopting Risk-Based Cybersecurity at Your Organization
  • [Video] Automating Security With Recorded Future
  • [E-Book] Beyond SOAR: 5 Ways to Automate Security With Intelligence
  • [Podcast] The Business Case for Risk-Based Cybersecurity
  • [Pulse Report] Financial Sector Ransomware Attacks on the Rise
  • [Podcast] Mitigating Threat Actors’ Shift Toward Automation
  • [Webinar] Moving Toward Predictive Security Intelligence
  • [Demo] Personalized Recorded Future Demo
  • [Webinar] Predict the Predictable and Manage What’s Not
  • [Podcast] Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work
  • [Browser Extension] Recorded Future Express
  • [E-Book] The Risk Business: What CISOs Need to Know About Risk-Based Cybersecurity
  • [Report] SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey, 2020
  • [White Paper] Security Intelligence: Driving Security From Analytics to Action
  • [White Paper] The Security Intelligence Graph
  • [Podcast] Security That Fits the Needs of the Organization
  • [Video] What Is Security Intelligence?
  • [E-Book] The Threat Intelligence Handbook, Second Edition
  • [Report] The Total Economic Impact™ of Recorded Future

Implementing Elite Intelligence

In too many organizations, intelligence and security are out of sync. Teams and objectives are siloed, security analysis lacks relevance, and the response is slow and reactionary — resulting in lost time and resources.

By embedding powerful analytics, world-class security analysis, and instant automation into the core of everyday security workflows and decision making, elite intelligence transforms security programs. Access your free kit now to amplify your impact, improve risk management, and add business value to functions that are traditionally considered to be cost centers.

Getting started is easy. Pick one intelligence area to focus on first: brand, third-party, SecOps, threat, vulnerability, or geopolitical. Or, combine multiple solutions to supercharge your risk reduction with unprecedented intelligence.

Using Elite Intelligence

Security intelligence delivers instant context from an unrivaled set of open web, dark web, technical sources to enhance any security, threat, or risk initiative. Take, for example, vulnerability management and third-party risk. These two distinct functions share little in common in terms of technology, experience, or task execution. Yet, both benefit from actionable intelligence that fuse external and internal threat, security, and business insights.

Enable your organizations to build, store, and reapply common insights and operational workflows whenever possible — rather than starting from scratch each time. Security intelligence becomes your organization’s single, authoritative source of truth — delivering unmatched visibility, efficiency gains, and internal alignment.

Maturing Your Security Strategy

Every organization’s security journey is unique. That’s why security intelligence is purpose-built to easily scale up and down to meet your organization’s size, maturity, and specific needs.

For example, you may start using intelligence to monitor the dark web, and then realize the value it would bring as a correlation and enrichment source for your SecOps and incident response teams. It’s quick and easy to integrate intelligence directly into your SIEM — empowering your team with deep, real-time insights on a familiar platform they already know inside and out. From there, the sky’s the limit!

When you extend elite intelligence to additional areas of your organization, they feed into each other by sharing data, context, and integrations. This enables your organization to maintain critical institutional knowledge — while data and insights continually grow more robust.

Get the Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit for Free

Discover what unprecedented intelligence means for your organization. Access the free Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit and transform your security forever, today!

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