Security awareness and social engineering psychology | Cyber Work Podcast

TEDx speaker, security researcher, host of the podcast MiC Club and all-around expert on security awareness and social engineering, Dr. Erik Huffman, is today’s guest. Huffman spoke at the 2021 Infosec Inspire virtual conference, and for those of you who were captivated by his presentation, prepare for another hour of Dr. Huffman’s insights on why we need to teach security awareness from insight, rather than fear or punishment, how positive name recognition in an email can short-circuit our common sense and how to keep your extrovert family members from answering those questions online about your first pet and the street you lived on as a child.

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0:00 – Clicking on phishing attacks
3:13 – First getting into cybersecurity
5:00 – Higher education and cybersecurity
7:41 – Cybersecurity research projects
10:05 – Impacting a cybersecurity breach
11:14 – Security awareness and social engineering
15:45 – Common social engineering tricks
23:00 – Changing security habits
30:15 – Cybersecurity communication avenues
33:30 – Getting family members cyber safe
38:00 – Harvesting info via social media
42:13 – Working in security awareness and threat research
44:54 – Importance of white papers and documentation
55:04 – Learn more about Erik Huffman
56:00 – Outro

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