Securing operational technology: ICS, IoT, AI and more | Guest Francis Cianfrocca

If you want to learn more about working with operational technology (OT) and internet-connected devices, then don’t miss today’s episode with Francis Cianfrocca, CEO of Insight Cyber Group. He discusses security problems around OT and IoT systems and shares some surprising stories of intruders in the electrical grid. He also talks about why it’s so hard to secure a set of machines that often pre-date computer technology and the small changes in your community that can make huge differences in the entire security industry.

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0:00 – Free cybersecurity training resources
0:56 – Overview of today’s episode
1:48 – Who is Francis Cianfrocca and Insight Cyber?
2:15 – Getting into tech and cybersecurity
4:13 – Francis’ job roles and companies
5:22 – Early days of ICS systems security
10:15 – CEO duties at a cybersecurity startup
12:19 – Why is infrastructure security so bad?
16:05 – Different approaches needed for ICS and IOT systems
20:23 – Catching intruders early on with industrial systems
22:45 – Using artificial intelligence in ICS security
24:50 – Bad actors are really good at reconnaissance
27:20 – ICS and IOT environments cannot have downtime
30:00 – Asset and behavioral inventory is difficult
31:42 – Real-world examples of rogue ICS software
36:30 – ICS vs. IOT security
42:57 – How to promote industrial security careers
46:07 – Impact of AI on cybersecurity careers
48:40 – Preparing for an ICS cybersecurity career
51:07 – What’s Insight Cyber working on?
52:45 – Outro

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