Ransomware negotiation dos and don’ts | Cyber Work Podcast

What are the top mistakes ransomware negotiators make, and what should organizations look for when hiring someone to help them navigate conversations with ransomware actors? Kurtis Minder, CEO and co-founder of GroupSense, shares his advice in this clip from the Cyber Work Podcast.

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As the CEO and co-founder of GroupSense, Kurtis Minder leads a team of world-class analysts and technologists providing custom cybersecurity intelligence to some of the globe’s top brands. The company’s analysts conduct cyber research and reconnaissance and map the threats to client risk profiles. Kurtis arrived at GroupSense after more than 20 years in roles spanning operations, design and business development at companies like Mirage Networks (acquired by Trustwave), Caymas Systems (acquired by Citrix) and Fortinet (IPO).

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