Privacy and international business | Guest Noriswadi Ismail

Noriswadi Ismail of Breakwater Solutions and the Humanising 2030 campaign joins us to talk about privacy as it pertains to international business, cybersecurity and why it’s important not just to learn the certification variants but also the cultural variants that shape them. And via the Humanising 2030 campaign, Noriswadi and colleagues hope to bring a more ethical and diverse approach to programming and guiding AI in the coming decade.

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0:00 – Privacy and international business
2:53 – Noriswadi’s first interest in tech
6:38 – A path toward patent law
11:32 – Managing director at Breakwater
16:05 – State of international security and risk plans
18:52 – Certifications internationally
22:58 – Experience versus certification
25:40 – Humanising 2030
29:24 – AI bias and geopolitical impact
32:30 – Diversity and including in cybersecurity
38:23 – Other goals of Humanising 2030
41:22 – What is Breakwater Solutions?
44:44 – Outro

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