Offensive or defensive security: Which career is for you?

When it comes to your career, should you go red team, blue team or both? Today’s guest is QuoLab Technologies Co-Founder Fabien Dombard, who’s had roles ranging from penetration tester to malware incident responder to company founder. Fabien shares share thoughts on the skills, disposition and training needed in both defensive and offensive security roles, as well as tips on why you shouldn’t be "networking," you should be "making new friends for the future."

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With over a decade of experience working in several diverse positions, as well as experiencing firsthand the evolution of security practices and technologies found around the world today, Fabien Dombard has been an integral part in building his new company, QuoLab Technologies, a developer of a collaborative and threat-driven Security Operations Platform (SOP). Prior to QuoLab, Fabien began working in small shop penetration testing roles in several European nations, and his renowned expertise and work ethic eventually led to him heading the Malware Incident Response Team for Deutsche Bank — one of the largest financial institutions in the world. He then founded QuoScient, located in Frankfurt, Germany, with the aim to reconcile humans and machines in the context of security operations, incident response and threat intelligence, and it is actually where QuoLab spun out from. Fabien is committed in his professional endeavors to reconcile human creativity and intuition with the complexity of information technology in the context of security operations. It was precisely this passion that drew him to conceptualize QuoLab and is what brings focus to him and his team moving forward.

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