Live forensics demo on Discord: What will we find? | Cyber Work Podcast

Discord is a chat community originally designed by and for gamers. In recent years, Discord has grown exponentially, and there are Discord channels for every interest under the sun. Like any other social media platform, people of certain ages and interests spend a lot of time here. They also share a lot of data, which is why it’s such a great place to perform digital forensics.

On today’s special episode, Paraben CEO and Founder Amber Schroader uses a new plugin on Paraben’s E3 computer forensics platform to dig into one of her children’s Discord profiles (with permission). What will we find as we dig through this enormous mass of data?

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Amber Schroader is the CEO & Founder of Paraben Corporation. She has spent the last two decades as a driving force for innovation in digital forensics. Amber has developed over two-dozen software programs designed for the purposes of recovering digital data from mobile phones, computer hard drives, email and live monitoring services. In addition to designing technology for digital forensics, she also spearheaded the procedures for mobile and smartphone devices as well as the emerging field of IoT devices. Amber is the patent holder on the EMI shielding container, otherwise known as a Faraday bag, as well as inventor to many other shielding products. Amber has written and taught numerous classes for this specialized field as well as founded multiple certifications in the field. Ms. Schroader continues support through book contributions and other industry speaking engagements.

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