Keeping your inbox safe: Real-life BEC attacks and email fraud careers | Guest John Wilson

Today’s episode is all about email fraud. John Wilson, head of the cyber intelligence division at Agari by HelpSystems, discusses Business Email Compromise (BEC), spearphishing, whaling, romance fraud and more. If you can name it, John’s studied it. And he’s likely collected intel that’s managed to freeze cybercriminals’ assets — and even put them away. He gives career tips and advice for engaging in threat research at all levels, we discuss the pyrrhic victory that is the modern spam filter, and John tells me why BEC fraud hunters’ best asset is a degree in psychology! All that and loads more, today on Cyber Work!

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0:00 – Free cybersecurity training resources
0:58 – Overview of today’s episode
1:58 – Who is John Wilson?
3:02 – Getting into cybersecurity
4:58 – How spam has evolved over the years
8:12 – Why pursue a career in fraud?
11:10 – 3 primary vectors for email attacks
15:20 – Is BEC ever an insider threat?
16:16 – Is education making a difference on BEC attacks?
20:55 – Tracking down BEC actors and recovering assets
23:50 – Two angles to preventing BEC attacks
29:12 – Careers related to BEC and phishing prevention
34:42 – How to gain cybersecurity experience and get hired
37:25 – Agari and email fraud protection
42:16 – Outro

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