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It’s been more than a decade since Marc Andreessen popularized the idea that “every company needs to become a software company.” But in 2022, just being a software company isn’t enough; you need to become a secure software company.

That’s why Ted Harrington created a new Infosec Skills learning path based on his best-selling book, “Hackable: How to Do Application Security Right.” Whether you create code, secure systems or manage organizational risk, understanding application security has become a must-have skill. Watch now to learn:

0:00 – Who is Ted Harrington?
1:01 – Cybersecurity training resources
1:58 – Poll: What best describes your current role?
4:58 – 10 application security mistakes organizations make
7:58 – In-house vs. external cybersecurity teams
13:30 – How to vet malicious hackers from infiltrating your team
18:15 – Black-box vs. white-box testing methodologies
24:30 – Typical number of vulnerabilities found during tests
26:51 – Penetration testing vs. vulnerability scanning vs. assessments
33:20 – Career options related to security testing
36:07- Security testing mistakes: Fundamentals vs. advanced tactics
46:40 – Best process for application security testing
48:30 – Regulatory frameworks, guidelines and controls
53:26 – Finding the sweet spot for security spending
55:10 – Infosec Accelerate Scholarships

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