How to become a security awareness manager | Cyber Work Podcast

Today we’re talking about security awareness, specifically about the role of a security awareness manager, with Tiffany Franklin of Optiv. We talk about the importance of C-suite buy-in to a security awareness program, how to create challenging phishing simulators without making employees feel like victims of a gotcha attack and how being a fifth-grade math teacher can make you a better security awareness manager.

0:00 – Intro
2:13 – Getting into cybersecurity
3:57 – Instructional design and technology
4:58 – Primary responsibilities in her role
6:38 – Security awareness work
9:40 – What is the division of work?
11:55 – Skills needed for this role
15:04 – Helping people when they fail
17:12 – Daily tasks
18:15 – Highs and lows of the job
22:00 – COVID phishing emails
22:40 – GoDaddy phishing and ethics
26:20 – Creating security awareness campaigns
31:14 – Optimal combo of tech and savvy
34:20 – How to get into cybersecurity
37:10 – Outro

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Tiffany Franklin has over 13 years’ experience as a learning and development professional and is currently a Manager of Cybersecurity Education at Optiv. Tiffany and her team develop solutions that address the unique challenges of global organizations facing a wide array of cybersecurity risks, including security awareness training program courses, simulated phishing attacks, and training reinforcement materials. She has a background in education and has a Masters in Instructional Design & Technology.

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