How to become a cybersecurity project manager | Cyber Work Podcast

This episode we chat with Jackie Olshack, a project management professional, about the role of project management in cybersecurity. We break down the specific functions of some major project management certifications, discuss things you can do tonight to start your project management training and hear why every security breach story on CNN is a cause for reflection.

0:00 – Intro
3:09 – Getting into cybersecurity project management
4:30 – What does a cybersecurity project manager do?
5:56 – Identity access management
8:35 – Average day for a project manager
9:57 – Managing project resources
11:36 – Getting into project management
12:54 – What happens without a project manager?
14:30 – Highs and lows of the job
17:22 – Training needed for the role
20:18 – What is identity access management?
24:12 – Preferred job experiences
28:02 – Interests and skills to succeed
31:17 – Where do I begin with tech lingo?
33:18 – What can I do to change careers?
35:00 – Has remote work changed workflow?
35:55 – Outro

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Jackie Olshack worked almost 20 years as legal secretary/paralegal for multiple patent corporate law firms. In the late 1990s, she began to recognize it was becoming harder to break the ceiling on her $58,000 salary as more and more attorneys were typing their own documents, managing their own calendars and making their own travel arrangements, putting the future of her career in jeopardy. After some introspection, she decided to go back to college and pursue a science degree with plans to go to law school to become a patent attorney — but couldn’t get her LSAT higher to get into even a fourth-tier law school. She now proudly thanks all the law schools that turned her down, preventing the dreaded $150,000-$200,000 law school debt she would have incurred. She is now an analytical, top performing SAFe trained senior project management professional with 14+ years of experience managing and implementing IT programs and projects successfully.

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