How hackathons can help propel your career | Cyber Work Podcast

Jonathan Tanner of Barracuda talks about his time moving up the ladder at Barracuda, how he still enjoys computer science competitions like DEFCON Wireless Capture the Flag (CTF), and Barracuda’s revolutionary malware detection ATP platform he built.

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0:00 – Intro
3:04 – Origin story in cybersecurity
5:45 – Major accomplishments and moving up with Barracuda
7:55 – Daily work as senior security researcher
10:36 – Was this always what you were interested in?
12:42 – How did you expand your skills and position
14:30 – Cyber security resume tips
17:20 – Becoming a cybersecurity professional
19:01 – How can hackathons and conferences help you?
22:33 – Improving the hiring process
25:33 – How to prepare for cyber security interview
27:46 – Working long term with a tech company
29:27 – What’s next for you at Barracuda?
30:26 – Where should security professionals begin?
33:46 – What’s happening at Barracuda
34:33 – Where can I find out more about you?
35:06 – Outro

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In 2013, Jonathan Tanner’s career started as a software engineer intern for Barracuda Networks after he won their annual hackathon held at San Jose State University where he obtained his computer science degree with minors in mathematics and linguistics. Jonathan takes part in computer science competitions to this day, such as the DEFCON Wireless Capture the Flag. At Jonathan’s first DEFCON, he became enthralled with cybersecurity research, leading to his current position as senior security researcher. Within his 8-plus years, Jonathan built Barracuda’s revolutionary malware detection ATP platform, and now helps lead the threat research program for Barracuda Networks.