How can I break into cybersecurity? | Cyber Work Live

"I’d like to know the best way to break into cybersecurity from the helpdesk. I have extensive experience from the helpdesk in a large environment of approximately 18,000+ users. I am in school for cybersecurity and will be obtaining my Security+ within the next few months. What route should I take since I’m still in school and I’m not in a ‘feeder role’?"

A panel of experts answered this question during our first ever Cyber Work Live. Hear from Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, and the expert brought in by Sony to triage the 2014 hack; Mari Galloway, co-founder of Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu and Victor “Vic” Malloy, General Manager, CyberTexas.

Watch the full Q&A here:

This episode was recorded live on March 25, 2021. Want to join the next Cyber Work Live and get your career questions answered, see upcoming events here:

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