Healthcare cybersecurity issues and legacy health systems | Cyber Work Podcast

Dirk Schrader of New Net Technologies talks about healthcare security and legacy systems. We discuss the millions of pieces of health data left out in the open, the issues with closing these holes and the need for professional legacy system-whisperers.

0:00 – Intro
2:56 – What drew Dirk to security
4:46 – Did your Dad’s role inspire you?
5:55 – Stepping stones to your current job
9:35 – What is it like to be a security research manager
14:38 – Unprotected healthcare records
21:50 – Unprotected systems in the U.S.
25:20 – Using better security in hospitals
31:55 – Logistical issues of security for hospitals
37:48 – Best solution for hospital cybersecurity
39:30 – How to prepare for change
42:32 – What skills do you need for this work?
46:00 – Will people pursue these changes?
49:40 – Projects Dirk’s working on
52:10 – Outro

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Dirk Schrader is the global VP of New Net Technologies (NNT). A native of Germany, Dirk’s work focusses on advancing cyber resilience as a sophisticated, new approach to tackle cyberattacks faced by governments and organizations of all sizes for the handling of change and vulnerability as the two main issues to address in information security.

Dirk has worked on cybersecurity projects around the globe, including more than four years in Dubai. He has published numerous articles in German and English about the need to address change and vulnerability to achieve cyber resilience, drawing on his experience and certifications as CISSP (ISC²) and CISM (ISACA). His recent work includes research in the area of medical devices, where he found hundreds of systems unprotected in the public internet, allowing access to sensitive patient data. This is going to be the topic of today’s episode, and we’re also going to talk about unprotected or poorly protected legacy systems in general, and how we start to build some coverage over this vast swath of unprotected information.

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