Getting into security architecture: Careers, skills and ransomware

Get a peek behind the curtain of security architecture careers from Pranshu Bajpai, a security architect with Motorola who recently earned his doctorate in computer science with an emphasis on ransomware research and analysis. Pranshu discusses how to break into security architecture and build the skills you need for that type of a career. In particular, he says academic study at that height mostly prepares you for research and teaching work, and there are there are quicker and easier ways to build up your skill set.

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Pranshu Bajpai has research interests in systems security, malware, digital forensics and threat intelligence. He has authored several papers for reputed magazines and journals including IEEE, Elsevier, ACM and ISACA. His work has been featured in various media outlets including Scientific American, The Conversation, Salon, Business Standard, Michigan Radio, GCN, GovTech and others. He is an active speaker at conferences and has spoken at APWG eCrime, DEFCON, GrrCon, Bsides, ToorCon and many others. He obtained his doctorate in Computer Science from Michigan State University and master’s in Information Security from Indian Institute of Information Technology.

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