Gamification: Making cybersecurity training fun for everyone | Cyber Work Podcast

We’re making cybersecurity training fun with today’s episode, which is all about gamification! Jessica Gulick of Katczy discusses the Wicked6 Cyber Games, the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, and the ways in which cyber games could rise to the ranks of other televised esports.

0:00​ – Intro
2:16​ – Starting in cybersecurity after 9/11
3:28​ – Major career milestones so far
7:08​ – Day to day duties as a CEO
11:00​ – Cybersecurity burnout and ongoing learning
13:16​ – Let’s dig into gamification!
19:11​ – How to design deeper gamification
22:32 – Selling gamification to leadership
28:45 – Wiked6 Cyber Games
35:10 – Gamified security awareness campaigns
37:42​ – Can gamification help grow the talent panel
42:05​ – Working with the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu
49:58​ – What’s next for these gamified cyber events?
52:20​ – Outro

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Jessica Gulick is CEO of Katzcy, a woman-owned growth firm specializing in cybersecurity marketing and cyber games. She is also President of the Board at the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, a 501c3 dedicated to advancing women in cyber careers. Jessica is a 20-year veteran in the cybersecurity industry and a CISSP.

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