From AI to deepfakes: How machine learning is affecting cybersecurity | Cyber Work Podcast

Is what you’re watching real, fake or a combination of both? Machine learning and artificial intelligence make it easier than ever to blur those lines, and cybercriminals are already exploiting the technology. Today’s guest is Infosec Skills author Emmanuel Tsukerman, who literally wrote the book on machine learning for cybersecurity. He discusses the deep learning applications of cybercrime, how machine learning technologies are being used by security professionals, and ways you can leverage these new skills to help boost your cybersecurity career.

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Dr. Tsukerman graduated from Stanford University and UC Berkeley. He began his cybersecurity career in a small startup as a cybersecurity data scientist, where he developed a machine-learning-based anti-ransomware solution that won the Top 10 Ransomware Products award by PC Magazine. In addition, Dr. Tsukerman designed a machine-learning malware detection system for Palo Alto Network’s firewall service, securing over 30,000 enterprise customers in real time. He is the author of the “Machine Learning for Cybersecurity Cookbook” and the popular Infosec learning paths “Cybersecurity Data Science” and “Machine Learning for Red Team Hackers.”

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