Florida’s water treatment facility cyberattack: What happened? | Cyber Work Podcast

In this clip from the Cyber Work Podcast, Emily Miller, vice president national security and critical infrastructure at Mocana, talks about a water plant in Florida that was hacked in February that could have had grave consequences.

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Miller is the vice president of critical infrastructure and national security with Mocana Corporation. Miller has over 15 years of experience protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure in both physical and cybersecurity, focusing on control systems, industrial IoT and other operational technology. Prior to joining Mocana, Miller was a federal employee with the Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT).

On our previous episode back in early 2019, Miller and I talked about IoT security and infrastructure security, and how strengthening IoT and the security systems of our electrical, water and internet infrastructures isn’t just good business, it’s saving lives.

In the last two years, these issues have become even more noticeable and pronounced. Earlier this year, hackers were able to break into the network of a water purification system in a small town in Florida. By changing cleaning and purification levels in the town’s water supply, they could have realistically poisoned the whole town. Miller and I will be discussing not only how to address the problems we have now, but to help the new generation of cybersecurity professionals lead the charge to reverse a 50+ year trend of neglect against our country’s vital infrastructure, from power grids to roads.

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