Flip the funnel: Fixing the cybersecurity talent pipeline challenge | Cyber Work Podcast

For the next twelve days, Cyber Work will be releasing a new episode every single day. In these dozen episodes, we’ll discuss career strategies, hiring best practices, team development, security awareness essentials, the importance of storytelling in cybersecurity, and answer some questions from real cybersecurity professionals and newcomers.

In our first episode, entitled “Flip the funnel: Fixing the cybersecurity talent pipeline challenge,” former Cyber Work Podcast guest Karl Sharman, Head of Cyber Solutions & Consultancies for Stott & May, and Infosec’s Director of Research & Product Marketing Megan Sawle drill down into the notion of the skills gap. Karl and Megan know that the skills gap is a significant challenge, but with actionable guidance to help fill vacant cybersecurity roles, you can think like successful security and IT leaders and improve recruiting, hiring and retention without relying on “unicorn” candidates to wander in.

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