Ethical user data collection and machine learning | Cyber Work Podcast

Today on Cyber Work Ché Wijesinghe of Cape Privacy talks about the safe and ethical collection of user data when creating machine learning or predictive models. When your bank is weighing whether to give you a loan, they can make a better choice the more info they know about you. But how secure is that contextual data? Hint: not as secure as Wijesinghe would like!

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0:00 – Machine learning and data collection
2:37 – Getting started in cybersecurity
3:15 – Being drawn to big data
4:35 – What data is driving decision-making?
9:04 – How is data collection regulated?
15:02 – Closing the encryption gap
16:50 – Careers in data privacy
19:07 – Where can you move from data privacy?
21:20 – Ethics of data collection
23:25 – Learn more about Wijesinghe
23:55 – Outro

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