Digital identity and cybersecurity are inseparable | Guest Susan Morrow

Susan Morrow returns for her fourth time on the Cyber Work podcast and the first since 2019. Morrow, simply put, is plugged into every aspect of digital identity currently being discussed, and she takes us deep into the security, ethical, practical and UX hurdles of current identity practices and gives us both an optimistic and pessimistic version of the digital identity practices in 10 years.

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0:00 – Digital identity
3:00 – Current digital identity concerns
7:07 – Complicating digital identity
8:22 – Digital identity and daily work
13:00 – Secure coding
14:03 – Biggest problems in identity
20:54 – Competing identity systems
24:50 – How identity affects other areas
28:52 – The tech and processes of identity
30:04 – Identity in the next decade
34:24 – Jobs in identity
40:00 – Identity evangelist
42:20 – Women in identity
45:-02 – What is Avoco Secure?
47:28 – Learn more about Susan Morrow
48:40 – Outro

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