Cybersecurity public speaking techniques | Guest Lisa Tetrault

Lisa Tetrault of Arctic Wolf talks about the adhesives that hold cybersecurity together: communication, collaboration and strong teamwork. First, Tetrault discusses how public speaking at conferences and events made her a better cybersecurity professional; second, she talks about how her work mentoring cybersecurity students helps them fast-track their way into the cybersecurity community; and third, with her work in organizations with Women in Cyber and siberX, she helps bring diverse cybersecurity professionals into the community, build stronger, more multi-faceted teams, and with them, a more multi-faceted face of the industry!

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0:00 – Public speaking in cybersecurity
3:17 – Getting into cybersecurity via Atari
4:59 – Network analyst to technician and more
9:10 – Cybersecurity public speaking
19:30 – How to promote yourself as a speaker
22:27 – Learn how to speak in cybersecurity
25:25 – Mentoring cybersecurity students
32:30 – Gender diversity in cybersecurity
36:14 – Where cybersecurity fails job mobility
38:29 – Cybersecurity diversity initiatives in 10 years
39:17 – Learn more about Lisa Tetrault
40:04 – Outro

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