Cybersecurity project management: A peek behind the curtain | Cyber Work Live

Last year, Cyber Work Live brought you into the world of cybersecurity project management — with tips for acquiring your skills, improving your resume and getting your foot in the door. But what does the day-to-day work of cybersecurity project managers look like?

Jackie Olshack and Ginny Morton return to answer that question. They’ll also share experiences they’ve gained while working on some of their biggest projects!

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0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Who is Jackie Olshack?
1:24 – Who is Ginny Morton?
2:52 – Can non-technical PMs move into the tech space?
8:50 – Best way to manage projects with limited resources
13:30 – What certificates are needed for project management jobs?
18:52 – How do you kick off a cybersecurity project?
28:41 – How do you keep the project on schedule?
34:15 – Tips for networking in remote working situations
36:55 – Dealing with slowdowns and delays in projects
43:35 – Importance of a supportive environment in projects
47:40 – Dealing with delays from other teams in projects
50:35 – Tips for managing multiple projects at once
55:35 – How can teams support their project manager
56:35 – Transitioning into a cybersecurity career
59:00 – Outro and Infosec Skills giveaway

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