Cybersecurity jobs: How to better apply, get hired and fill open roles | Cyber Work Podcast

Diana Kelley returns to the show to discuss her work as a board member of the Cyber Future Foundation and the goings-on at this year’s Cyber Talent Week. Whether you’re a cybersecurity hiring manager who doesn’t know why you’re not getting the applicants you want, a candidate who hears the profession has 0% unemployment but still can’t seem to get a callback or anyone in between, DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. EPISODE. This is one for the books, folks.

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0:00 – Cybersecurity hiring and job searching
4:30 – Diana Kelley of Cyber Future Foundation
9:00 – Cyber Future Foundation talent week
13:58 – Reexamining cybersecurity job descriptions
21:52 – Cybersecurity hiring manager and applicant training
27:10 – Strategies to bring in diverse talent from other industries
33:06 – Narrowing your cybersecurity job pursuit
39:37 – Using different educations in cybersecurity roles
41:32 – Implementing an educational pipeline
44:40 – Hiring based on strong skills from other trades
48:22 – Cybersecurity apprenticeships
53:22 – Fostering cybersecurity community value
59:09 – Diana Kelley’s future projects
1:00:30 – Outro

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