Cybersecurity careers: How to stand out, get hired and make more money | Cyber Work Podcast

How can you stand out from the crowd when applying for your dream cybersecurity job, and how much should you make? Karl Sharman, a cybersecurity staffing and recruiting pro at BeecherMadden, answers those questions and more on today’s episode. Learn how to get your foot in the door, how organizations can avoid writing Magical Unicorn Candidate job descriptions, and why the cybersecurity career landscape is closer to a diamond than a pyramid in shape.

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Karl Sharman is a former Head of Recruitment in Football (Soccer) that assisted in selling £1 million worth of talent for a variety of clubs. Since switching to cybersecurity recruitment in 2017, Karl is now the North America Practice Leader for prominent cybersecurity recruitment company, BeecherMadden. With 10 years of recruitment experience, he helps organizations identify, acquire and retain talent in the cybersecurity and risk management sector across North America. He consults the industry on career paths, salary benchmarking, talent pools, and recruitment and retaining strategies. Karl was featured in the top 1% of Search & Staffing Professionals globally by LinkedIn, and BeecherMadden won security recruitment company of the year for 2019.

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