Cybersecurity and all things privacy | Cyber Work Podcast

Today’s podcast highlights implementation privacy, policy privacy and all things privacy with privacy expert and Infosec Skills author and instructor Chris Stevens. From his years in the government’s office of national intelligence to his multiple IAPP certifications, Stevens is happy to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about careers in privacy, around privacy and careers that would be better with a helping of privacy skills on top!

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0:00 – Cybersecurity privacy
3:30 – Getting interested in cybersecurity
4:40 – Cybersecurity in the Department of Defense
6:00 – Computer science studies
8:50 – Cybersecurity research
11:05 – Information privacy and privacy professionals
14:48 – What does U.S. privacy cover?
19:10 – Privacy certifications and more
21:36 – Privacy differences across countries
24:50 – Difference in privacy certifications
27:16 – Learning about privacy
30:16 – Positions available for information privacy
33:50 – Educational steps to work in privacy
36:00 – Getting a job in privacy
37:57 – Entry-level work in privacy roles
42:44 – How to stay on track in lifelong learning
46:37 – Cybersecurity education in the future
48:19 – Outro

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