CyberForward’s 5 steps to break into cybersecurity | Cyber Work Podcast

In this clip from the Cyber Work Podcast, Mike Gentile explains the five phases of CyberForward, a cybersecurity mentorship and support program that helps individuals overcome “roadblocks,” learn the basics of cybersecurity and break into different junior cybersecurity roles.

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Mike Gentile is the Founder, President and CEO of CISOSHARE, headquartered in San Clemente, CA. He has led the company since inception to become a global leader in security program services and solutions. Initially an experiment, the CISOSHARE culture centers around learning and teaching to make the confusing security discipline understandable.

In 2019, Mike founded CyberForward Academy by CISOSHARE using this learning and teaching culture to address both the cybersecurity resource shortage and the livable wage gap issues felt in many communities. This partner-enabled professional development program identifies and then rapidly develops effective job-ready cybersecurity professionals.

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