Corporate data breaches and security awareness training | Guest Mathieu Gorge

Mathieu Gorge of VigiTrust talks about the Marriott Hotel data breach that happened back in June, including the facts of the event and why once-per-year security awareness training isn’t enough when many employees only work seven months of the year. He also offers some privacy tips that will keep your hotel system privacy compliant under a whole host of different compliance frameworks.

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0:00 – Security awareness and data breaches
2:50 – Elephant in the boardroom book
5:42 – Gorge’s latest projects and book
9:38 – Hacking of the Marriott Hotel
19:22 – Marriott’s privacy and data collection policies
23:20 – Ensuring data privacy worldwide
30:13 – How hotel franchises handle security
34:32 – Skills needed for securing the hotel industry
38:12 – What is DigiTrust?
41:20 – Outro

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