Computer forensics careers: Taking down a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme | Cyber Work Podcast

Few people know what it’s like to help take down a $1.2 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, but that’s exactly what today’s guest did. Sam Rubin, VP at The Crypsis Group, explains how he had to re-create the crime within a courtroom, as well as the tasks of digital forensics folks at all levels, from intern to the person giving the testimony. There’s a good chance you may want to go into a career in forensics after listening to all of Sam’s stories.

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Sam Rubin is a Vice President at The Crypsis Group, where he leads the firm’s Managed Security Services business, assists clients and develops the firm’s business expansion strategies. Sam is an industry-recognized cybersecurity professional with wide-ranging expertise in data breach incident response, digital forensics and cybersecurity risk management. Sam frequently serves as an expert witness and has provided expert opinions in numerous high-stakes matters, including a landmark civil trade secret misappropriation case, a criminal securities fraud matter and civil litigation stemming from a multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. Sam is a frequent presenter, author and lecturer on cyber-related topics, including digital forensics and incident response, insider threats and information security best practices. Before joining Crypsis in 2017, Sam was at Stroz Friedberg, where he was Managing Director and head of the company’s west region digital forensic practice.

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