CMMC has changed: Here’s what you need to know | Guest Leighton Johnson

Infosec instructor and 40-year cybersecurity veteran Leighton Johnson talks to us about all things CMMC. After last year’s attempted rollout, CMMC pulled back and retooled its entire framework. But why? Johnson gives you all the details, including how to train to be a CMMC-certified auditor.

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0:00 – CMMC in 2022
3:12 – Getting started in cybersecurity
4:15 – How to be CMMC compliant
5:15 – The evolution of CMMC
7:18 – CMMC compliance timeline
10:28 – Being assessed for CMMC compliance
14:30 – Becoming a CMMC auditor
18:08 – What if you don’t meet CMMC compliance?
21:40 – Skills comparable with the CMMC auditor
23:25 – Evaluating your company and CMMC needs
28:54 – CMMC auditor job opportunities
31:03 – How to become a federal CMMC auditor
35:04 – What is ISFMT?
37:47 – Learn more about ISFMT and Johnson
38:18 – Outro

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