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Kenneth Currin Schuchman, who is also known as Nexus Zeta from Vancouver, Canada, is the creator of deadly Mirai and Qbot-based botnet, has sentenced to 13 months in prison for hiring and promoting the Mirai and Qbot-based DDoS botnets utilized in DDoS attacks against targets from all over the world.  Rather than Mirai, Kenneth Currin […]

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We have recently detected variants of two existing Linux botnet malware types targeting exposed Docker servers; these are XORDDoS malware and Kaiji DDoS malware. While the XORDDoS attack infiltrated the Docker server to infect all the containers hosted on it, the Kaiji attack deploys its own container that will contain its DDoS malware. 

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DDoS Attacks Coronavirus

The denial of service attacks (DDoS) causes a system or service to be inaccessible to a legitimate user. We have seen a diverse range of DDoS attacks that have affected many users around the world used by the cybercriminals and government-backed hackers. “A DDoS attack can cause a web page to become unavailable when receiving […]

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