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Malware Operators Arrested

Romanian police forces have arrested two individuals this week, for allegedly running two malware crypting services like CyberSeal and DataProtector to escape antivirus software detection. These services were purchased by quite 1560 criminals and used for crypting several different types of malware, including Remote Access Trojans, Information stealers, and Ransomware. The pair used the Cyberscan […]

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QQAAZZ Group Charged

Law enforcement agencies charged the QQAAZZ group for working with Cybercriminals around the world to launder money stolen from victims of computer fraud in the United States and worldwide. The law operation was conducted in 16 countries resulting in the arrest of 20 individuals suspected to be part of the QQAAZZ criminal network. Transnational Criminal […]

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How to Become a Certified Cyber Threat Intelligent Analyst?

Nowadays, Cyber crimes are increasing. The demand for cyber thteat intelligence experts is high. The field of cyber Intelligence is growing and booming, and the skills of professionals in this field will continue to be in high demand. In this article, we will discuss about Cyber Threat Intelligence. Threat intelligence is for everyone, no matter […]

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Dark Overlord Hacker sentenced

Nathan Wyatt, 39, United Kingdom national pleaded for his role in “The Dark Overlord” Hacking Group conspired to steal personal and medical data. He was sentenced to five years in federal prison. The Dark Overlord is a well-known hacking group that specializes in stealing sensitive information and threaten victims with exposure unless the ransom is […]

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Uber hack

Recently, the former security chief of Uber, Joseph Sullivan, was Charged for helping hackers for the 2016 UBER hack. He has been charged for encasing up the company’s 2016 security breach, through which hackers hijacked the personal data of 57 million Uber users and the details of 600,000 Uber drivers.  Joseph Sullivan was Uber’s chief […]

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Kenneth Currin Schuchman, who is also known as Nexus Zeta from Vancouver, Canada, is the creator of deadly Mirai and Qbot-based botnet, has sentenced to 13 months in prison for hiring and promoting the Mirai and Qbot-based DDoS botnets utilized in DDoS attacks against targets from all over the world.  Rather than Mirai, Kenneth Currin […]

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Most Important Consideration For Credit Card Fraud You Need to Know To Secure You Transactions

Not even a pandemic can slow down, let alone stop, credit card fraud. A Wall Street Journal report reveals that the amount of fraudulent credit card charges rose by 35% year-over-year in April. This increase appears extraordinary given the significant reduction of consumer spending over the past months. Credit card fraud or carding appears unstoppable. […]

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A group of contracted hackers known as “Dark Basin” which is also known as BellTroX (BellTroX InfoTech Services) has attacked thousands of people and hundreds of institutions around the world that include non-profit organizations, journalists, officials, lawyers, investment fund companies, senior politicians, government prosecutors, CEOs and many more. Researchers have discovered nearly 28,000 web pages […]

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13,000 Mobile Phones

Meerut police uncovered a security breach, where over 13,500 phones manufactured by Vivo found running with the same IMEI number. IMEI number known as International Mobile Equipment Identity, a 15-digit number used to identify the device. The IMEI number is a unique one assigned to every phone all over the world. 13,000 Mobile Phones on […]

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New Technologies are evolving rapidly nowadays and cybercriminals also traveling, in the same way, to increase the cyber risk factor to the organization as well as individuals and the impact are keep increasing that give more pain and responsibilities for CXO sometimes called the C-level Officers. Evolving advanced cyber threats such as DDoS Attacks are creating […]

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