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WAPDropper – Android Malware Subscribing Victims To Premium Services By Telecom Companies

Security analysts have found a new malware that infects mobile devices and subscribes the victims to premium subscription provided by telecom companies, and the victim remains oblivious to this. The CAPTCHA verification that is usually required to subscribe to these services is bypassed via Machine Learning using the services of a Chinese company named “Super […]

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New Android Ransomware

Microsoft detected new Android ransomware with new attack techniques and behavior that indicates the evolution of mobile ransomware. As we aware ransomware uses to encrypt files, but this new ransomware doesn’t encrypt files, instead, it blocks access to devices by displaying a warning screen. Sophisticated new Android malware Android ransomware uses a special permission “SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW” […]

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new Android Spyware

Security researchers discovered new spyware used by the APT-C-23 threat group to target Android users through fake Android app store. The APT-C-23, a threat group is also known as a Two-tailed Scorpion and they target mainly the Middle East. The Android spyware used by the group was first spotted in 2017, now the recent version […]

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Joker Malware on Google Play

Joker is one of the most prominent malware families that continuously target the Android devices, it’s main activity is to stimulate clicks on SMS message and subscribe for unwanted paid premium services. The malware found again in Google play by employing changes in its code, execution methods, or payload-retrieving techniques. Joker Malware in Google Play […]

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Joker malware

The Joker malware detected in early June 2019, it employs several tactics to bypass GooglePlay protection and to perform several malicious activities. The malware used to hide inside different apps and once users downloaded to the phone they got infected with the Joker malware. It aims to steal money from the user by signing for […]

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Cerberus Android Banking Malware

Cerberus Android banking malware found on Google play targeting Android users, particularly in Spain. Cerberus spotted first in the year 2019, it is known for stealing various sensitive information. It is capable of stealing of logging all keystrokes and stealing @FA tokens from Google Authenticator and SMS messages. The malware gives attacker full control of […]

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In late March, researchers from CheckPoint found the Tekya malware family, which was being used to carry out ad fraud, on Google Play. These apps have since been removed from the store, but we recently found a variant of this family that had made its way onto Google Play via five malicious apps, although these have also been removed. (We detect these as AndroidOS_Tekya.HRX.)

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Android Spyware Mandrake

Bitdefender Security Researchers identified a new, highly sophisticated spyware targeting Android users for financial motivations and distributed via Google Apps Market place. Researchers named the threat “Mandrake” and estimated victim users were probably hundreds of thousands throughout the full 4-year period. Malware has complete control over infected android phones as it can turn down the […]

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