Breaking down digital forensics certifications | Cyber Work Hacks

Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben, explains the different ways to pursue a career in digital forensics, like pursuing a college degree or studying toward a certification. And if a certification, which one will take you on the path you want? Schroader also talks about what doors can open for you, where to get started, and which upper-level certs you should work toward so you’re prepared for the job you want.

0:00 – Breaking down digital forensics certifications
1:08 – Different ways to learn digital forensics
2:07 – Digital forensics college courses versus certifications
3:45 – Main digital forensics certifications and paths
5:20 – Finding a digital forensics niche
6:18 – Hands-on projects for digital forensics experience
7:25 – How to get started in digital forensics
8:34 – Learn digital forensics
9:01 – Outro

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